The world's first passive post-mortem message system.

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Death, something we all have in common.

LastMail lets you send a good-bye to your friends and contacts, and pass on your (digital) belongings.

Write Messages.

LastMail lets you use full HTML styling, and messages can be addressed to multiple people.

Live your Life.

Every few days, LastMail will send you a mail. Reading this mail is enough to tell LastMail that you're still alive.

Pass on Peacefully.

After a long time of inactivity, LastMail will send your messages. Until that time, they are secretly and safely stored.


Automatic:Create a will without depending on physical letters that can get lost or opened prematurely.

Passive activity checking: Reading the mails is enough to let LastMail know you're alive.

Unlimited: Create an unlimited amount of messages, each addressed to an unlimited amount of people.

Custom Delay: You can add a custom delay per message, so you can for instance send someone a new message each day for a week.

Properly handle Cryptocurrencies: LastMail was made with Bitcoin and alternatives in mind.

Safe, Secure, Anonymous: We do not track, we use HTTPS and your messages are stored encrypted.

LastMail is Free

Free, as in Speech. And I would like to keep it that way.
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Open Source

LastMail and its source code are released under the CC-BY-NC-SA License.

Check & Download the code on GitHub

This means that you can host a copy of LastMail for your own use as long as:

  • You give Appropriate Credit to W-M, the creator of LastMail, and link back to the main site.
  • You do not use the material for Commercial Purposes.
  • You need to share your versions under the same license.

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